from day one to final production, we do it all.

Day One Creative is an independent creative studio based in Dallas, Texas. We provide design, production, retouching and everything in-between.

Summer Grill
Franchise Brochure
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college sweeps
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football menu
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logo illustration
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Loyalty Cards
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make a wish cd
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Program Book
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loyalty brochure
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We deliver Poster
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conference graphics
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wall poster
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Friday’s halloween
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Tropical menu
– T.G.I. Friday’s –
Holiday Flyer
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basketball menu
– T.G.I. Friday’s –
Happy Hour
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Food Truck
– T.G.I. Friday’s –
HolidaY Banquets
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Bonus Bites
– T.G.I. Friday’s –
Grand re-opening
– pollo campero –
Franchise Brochure
– Red Mango –
national Chicken Mo.
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Maggiano’s Features
– Maggiano’s –
Green Tea Poster
– magGiano’s –
Holiday Giftcards
– Maggiano’s –
Circus Posters
Friday’s Caribbean
– T.g.i. Friday’s –

What about us? We're small, friendly and flexible – and we make life easy for our clients.

We do a lot

We bring a multi-disciplined approach to every project we take on. Whether you need design, retouching, 3-D modeling or print production, we’ve got it covered. 

We're unique

We’re a plug-and-play resource with the ability to jump in and start working on your projects immediately, without spending days in meetings or needing a lot of care and feeding. 

We're small

Our studio is active, agile and highly creative, with a passion for technology. We believe that our small size and expansive skill set allow us to do things other shops cannot. 

We're experienced

With over 50 years combined experience, we understand what design firms, ad agencies and businesses need — and we know how to deliver creative, professional, results fast.
"Congratulations are in order. The Pumpkin POP produced big time, double digit increases... THANK YOU for your help!”
~ Kevin | Red Mango USA
"You’re like – Samsung Rock Star of the YEAR over here right now. Thanks Bryan!”
~ Tia | Samsung USA
“Thanks, Bryan for all your hard work on this. I truly appreciate your attention to details, and the layout looks awesome!!”
~ Betty | Maggiano’s
"Just saw proofs of the POP here in the office. Things look great, thank you Bryan!”
~ Lindsay | Red Mango USA
"I think this is just awesome. You did a spectacular job! I love the colors and P.O.P. The messaging hierarchy works very nicely as well. I think we’re in a great place.
~ Kylee | Pollo Campero
"Thank You!  Thanks so much for knocking out so much stuff!  You definitely lived up to your reputation!
~ Dana | T.G.I. Friday’s
"Wow–that was quick. As soon as everyone signs off on this I’ll let you know. They really do look great!”
~ Kathryn | Retractable Technologies
"Everyones going nuts on the display ideas! They love it!”
~ Kara | T.G.I. Friday’s
"Thank you, Bryan!  These look perfect, much appreciated!”
~ Bradford | Brinker International
"I just wanted to let everyone know this book has been a pleasure to work on. This has taken top shelf on the projects I’ve been a part of. The photography, design and colors are truly AMAZING!”
~ Keith | Feld Entertainment
Day One Creative is headed by Bryan Taylor. Click to learn more.
Day One Creative is headed by Bryan Taylor. Click to learn more.

Before Day One Creative Services, Bryan was a founder of Black Eye Digital, a Dallas-based print and web design studio. With an eye for design, an expert knowledge of photo-retouching, final art production, 3D graphics and a high degree of technical abilities, Bryan built the company into a well-respected design and production studio catering to high-profile clients including Blockbuster, Red Mango USA and Samsung USA.

Before Black Eye Digital, Bryan was a founding partner of Black Rhino Graphics where he spent five plus years expanding the company into an award winning photo-illustration, visual effects and print production studio.

Bryan has more than 25 years of experience in the graphics industry, including work in such diverse environments as Studio212º, Big Hand Productions, Tracy-Locke Partnership and The Loomis Agency.

Bryan firmly believes that going above and beyond to make a client's life easier leads to stronger relationships and more business opportunities. This personal philosophy has resulted in Day One Creative gaining many long-term clients and referrals through positive word of mouth.

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